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Overview of Energetic Medicine and Quantum Physics

Quantum is the smallest amount of a physical quantity that can exist independently, especially a discrete quantity, especially a discrete quantity of electromagnetic radiation.

What is Quantum Biofeedback?

Biofeedback and energetic healing have been shown to improve a variety of conditions including: depression, anxiety and fear, ADHD, autism, constipation, diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, arthritis and much more.

Biofeedback is a noninvasive therapeutic technology that energetically scans and harmonizes the body's stressors and imbalances. The device returns your body to its natural health and balance by reducing the stressors that cause disease. It is estimated that stress is the cause of 90 to 95 percent of disease.


Stress can come from a variety of sources including: toxicity, emotional or physical trauma, pathogens, mental factors, allergies, heredity, deficiency of nutrients, and perverse energy (e.g., mobile phone radiation).

Stress begins by producing an alarm response in the body with intense symptoms. If the stressor continues, the body will go into an adaption stage with 1less intense symptoms. Being symptoms free is in no way a sign of good health.

Someone can easily have a life threatening disease and have no sign or symptom.

We have found that certain dis-ease patterns attach to the human energy system (the body electric or EPR).

Allopathic medicine treats the body.

Psychology treats the mind and emotions.

The SCIO deals with all of these specific areas on a wholistic level. It's like trying to fix your car- but all you do is keep taking it to a mechanic that only works on engines. He will say, "The engine is fine- the car should be running great". The problem is, an engine is only a portions of the car and eventually without the rest of it running without flaws- the car will stop. The body needs to be dealt with physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically to achieve optimal results and true health.

The Body's Electric

There are a multitude of electrical forces at work in the human body with involve many different types of electrical energy. Western medicine has developed only a few of these machines:

An EEG (Electroencephalogram) records brain waves that create electrical energy when activated by nerves.

An EMG (Electromyography) measures the electrical conductivity of a muscle shortening when stimulated by the firing of nerve cells.

An EKG (Electrocardiogram) measure the electrical conductivity of the heart.

The SCIO measures the and balances the EPR (electro-physiological activity).

Over the last century, scientists from quantum biology, quantum physics, molecular biology, and medical physiology have been diligently researching in order to prove that the human body is regulated by a quantum energy field.

All cells, even subatomic particles contain tiny electrical energy, We now know that electrical activity is essential for all life.

All matter which exists in space is composed of atoms and in each atom, electrons spin around the nucleus throwing off electrons.

Each cell in our body operates (or resonates) at a very specific frequency, Our cells work together to keep our body's in harmony.

Stress produces erratic vibrations, that leads to disharmony, followed by injury and disease.

Similar to your unique DNA, your cell frequency is also very unique to you.

All living things emit a radio signal. Sound and color have specific frequencies as we can see changes in our moods, emotions and our physical body as varying frequencies push against us.

Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites all have specific resonant frequencies. We actively interact with these frequencies all the time.

Quantum Energy Field (QEF)

The human body is controlled by a Quantum Energy Field. Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine acknowledges the meridians and Chi which flows through our bodies.

Every though and action is accompanied by electrical activity in the nervous system and by biophoton communication among cells

Within our bodies, there are many chemical reactions and electrical stimuli. Every cell in our body has an electrical charge. We have amps and volts, static and magnetic energy in our energy fields and this can be measured along with the reactions of the body's unconscious to certain electrical stimuli.

At the the level of the atom, we know that electrons whirl about the nucleus in certain energetically defined orbits.

In order to move an electron from a lower to a higher orbit, a quantum of energy with very special frequency characteristics is required.

An electron will only accept energy of the appropriate frequency to move from one energy level to another - this is where the SCIO comes in.

Resonant Frequency is the required atomic frequency. Molecules have special resonant frequencies that will only be excited by energies of very precise vibratory characteristics.

Similar to how an opera can shatter a glass with his voice- he picks the exact resonant frequency of that glass and matches it with his voice.

Research from the International Institute of Biophysics is showing us that it is the body's QEF (not genes or germs) that determines whether we are healthy or ill.

Therefore, it is clear that the best way to work on stress, disease and aging is to correct the subtle disturbances in the body's QEF.

The body is an electromagnetic static being with frequency patterns that have resonance, reactance, and self-correcting capabilities. We can use these frequencies to facilitate in the body's natural being of homeostasis and health.

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