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SCIO Information
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SCIO Information
#   How Does the SCIO Work?
#   Benefits from the SCIO
#   Biofeedback Research
#   Meet Dr. Nelson
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#   Distant (Subspace) Therapy

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Many people live with subtle imbalances due to the electro-physiologic nature of our bodies. At Quantum Energy Wellness, these subtle energies are balanced allowing the body to heal itself. Barriers to health are overcome with the help of this extraordinary SCIO biofeedback device.

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# Weight Loss
# Psychology
# Athletic Performance
# Whole Body Detox
# Stress Management
# Learning Disabilities
# Nutrient Advice
# Energetic Balancing

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“Even people who aren't sick may not have optimal wellness”
-Brian Carter


"Thus in looking at electro acupuncture, I found that there was indeed an electrical process in and through the body which modern science had accounted for only in the understanding of brain wave, EKG, EMG and the like. I also found that this electrical science that was accelerating dramatically when put together with acupuncture yielded a new form of medicine; a form of medicine that was more exacting, more precise, more complicated, more futuristic, and definitely more effective than any other form of medicine that had preceded"

- Bill Nelson, creator of the SCIO, from his book, Sworn by the Altar


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